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Online Quran Learning For Kids

Each parent needs their kids to read the Quran as efficiently as Mishary Rashid Alafasy or Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais, the top Qari. Desires will not be met until any attempt is put in place. Without training for months and years, we do not expect our children to speak perfect English.

Similarly, in the case of our children reading the Quran, we do not expect that. It takes quite some time to learn every language. As for every other education, a teacher is necessary to help in learning the Quran to the kids.

Learning the Quran for kids from different madrasah – Long process!

Taking the kid to a madrassah nearby is something you can conveniently pick them back. Before making this decision, look out for the following points:

1 – Would this madrassah give your child a one on one session? The chances are that they won’t since a group of kids usually train at the same time. The madrassah teachers then do a round on the students. This means less emphasis on your child/kid, which you can avoid for kids who are just beginners, at least. In brief, you can not get the prompt results you want.

2- Is the madrassah closer to your place? If it’s far out, imagine the time required to drop your child and get the kid back up.

3 – Searching for a madrasa for girls?  If you have older girls, it will be a struggle to find a run female madrassah on your own.

Qur’an self-teaching for children – Not disciplined!

Self-teaching is a perfect way for children to teach the Quran, but ask yourself before trying this:

1- Are you consistent and can teach at a fixed time regularly? If you’re not, then your kid’s going to waste more time. It will become a little difficult to find time every day from your routine to help your kid in learning the Quran.

Quran for kids

2- Are you familiar with all the fundamentals of tajweed? If you haven’t taken a Quran class in a particular way, you won’t be able to help your kids learning the Quran.

Having a Qur’an teacher for your kids to study the Qur’an – Costly!

Having a Qari to come to your residence for your kids to help them to learn Quran removes all the issues involved with having your kids to the madrassah. A positive thing about this is that you get a decent education that is targeted. However, there are only a few things you need to make sure:

1- Will you handle it? Madrassah may be free, although it might take the Qari from $100 to $200 a month for five days a week to come. You could pay about 200 $to 300 $for two of your children

2- Environmental impacts considered? If you live in an environment where rainfall or snow is frequent, you could observe the Quran tutor’s daily holidays. It destroys the energy and momentum of the kid’s Learning the Quran.

Online Quran classes  for Kids Disciplined, Safe, Affordable

All of the hurdles getting your kid to madrassah or having a female mentor for the Quran go away in online Quran classes for your kids. Online reading of the Quran for kids simplifies learning the Quran from an online Quran teacher for your kid. Online Quran classes for your kids make it safe, convenient, committed, and quite affordable.

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