How long does it take to learn one page of the Quran?

The Holy Quran is the only way to heaven and redemption. For the sake of all the Ummah, the Holy Quran was revealed to Muhammad (SAW), the Last Messenger. Go back to it and apply it in your daily life to the great worship of the Most High God.

1. Reading of the Quran:

The Quran is required of all Muslims, men and women alike. We have a religious obligation to memorize the Quran completely and accurately. Some lucky people, on the other hand, took the task of memorizing the entire Quran by keeping the benefits of memorizing the Quran in mind and found the title of Hafiz. Being a hifz-e-Quran is a respectable and honorable topic, and memorizing the Quran is a real goal of the life of all Muslims.

2. Remembering one page of the Quran:

However, for someone who does not know Arabic, remembering the Holy Quran may be difficult. To prepare for the memory task, many people try to learn to read Quran online to let go of their thoughts. On the other hand, some people are committed to their goals, do the work, and read the whole Quran and get the online Quran education.

Another major concern for those who like to recall the Quran is how long it will take to recall one page, one verse, or one Rukuh (paraphrase). One page of the Quran, in general, takes about 25-30 minutes to memorize.

However, it depends on many factors including language barrier, age, memory and whether you are getting online Quran education or physical. Each person has his or her own set of values.

It all depends on the person and his age. Also, whether a person can communicate in Arabic and is familiar with the letters of the alphabet. Taking the time to read each verse of each surah you read regularly. After each reading of the Holy Quran, write it down on a piece of paper for easy reference.

He is on his way to Quran lessons. In the long run, going to surah explanations may be helpful.

Reading one page at a time to begin remembering the Quran seems like a good idea because it works. Tell yourself, “I’ll learn a little.”

It works because convincing yourself that “I’ll do a little more work” (after all, only 25 minutes) is one of the easiest ways to get out of control.

You don’t need to accomplish everything on the page; any of these options can be changed to each of your abilities. When I use this method, I feel that it is better not to set aside time for reading at first, but instead to start reading.

It all depends on your memory and your ability to communicate in Arabic … Also, your dedication … and the time you put in … The Qur’an has about 6200 verses, and if you memorize 10 verses a day. , it will end soon (about one page) It should take about 620 days, or a little over two years … If you read 5 verses daily, it will take you about 1240 days or 3.3 years.

3. Finally, I would like to note a few:

It all depends on the individual: his effort, the time spent in the Qur’an, the smoothness of what he says, whether he has tajweed knowledge or not and whether the recollection is done or not. Proper tajweed, and, of course, whether one is completely focused on the Quran or is distracted by other obligations. Knowing the benefits of tajweed is also very important.

It works because telling yourself “I’m going to do it a little bit” is one of the most effective ways to break free from procrastination. After all, only 10 minutes.

You do not need to complete the whole page; all of these different strategies may be targeted at your skill level. If you use this method, I believe it is best not to specify the amount you will learn at the beginning, but rather the amount of time you want to spend, as this helps build confidence, and I believe that the more specific you are, the more. you will probably back off if you have this problem, and Allah knows best.

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