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How do I teach my child to memorize the Quran?

The Importance of Knowing the Quran:


The Holy Quran is the utterance of Allah Almighty. Its structure and meaning are unique and are not found elsewhere in the world. Apart from the depth of meaning contained in the verses of the Quran, the magnificent language of the Quran distinguishes it from all other books in the world, especially Arabic literature. The Noble Quran is one of the most respected books in the world.


Allah the Almighty said of the Qur’an: “This is a Book (the Qur’an), which, no doubt, is a warning to those of the [holy] Al-Muttaqoon (2: 2) (Qur’an)


Those who repeat the Quran receive various blessings and rewards from Allah. By repeating the Quran and applying it in their daily lives, Muslims will be rewarded freely. In Hadith, the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said, “Anyone who recites the 10 verses (verses) of Qiyaam will not be recorded as one who forgets.” Anyone who reads one hundred Ayah (verses) in Qiyaam is considered a believer.


For various reasons, including our religious commitment, we should recite the Holy Quran. To everyone on earth, the Holy Qur’an is a source of instruction. Reading or memorizing the Quran can help you find your way to life, and Allah Almighty has promised that reading and understanding the Quran “will lead mankind to the depths of darkness to light” (Quran, 14: 1)


How to get a child to memorize the Quran:

Because the Quran is the heart and soul of Islam, all Muslim families make it very important for their children to learn it at an early age. The most frightening part of his memory trip is that of his parents, not the child! Accountability, work, and determination! If you believe in yourself enough to believe that you can help your child, you can easily shape it with love.


Introduce the Children’s Quran to your child as he begins to explore the world around him to help him study the Quran. You will learn the Quran from what you hear, either at home or in the mosque, in the same way as children learn to speak by listening first.


A young child ignores the importance of memorizing the Quran daily. What does the word mean? Why should they give up their free time to read the Quran? When you explain the benefits of memorizing the Bible, they will understand the purpose of these times. Before students memorize the Quran, they should be taught the benefits of doing so. Therefore, encourage your child to read and memorize the Quran.

Set realistic goals:

Set long-term and short-term goals. Set aside time with your child to discuss how many Surahs you want to read each month. Set goals that you can achieve! Consider your child’s ability. Remember that distractions, such as illness, travel, or trials, can occur at the time you set your goal.


The long-term goal is the same as setting an annual goal, perhaps from Ramadan to the next. This will help them stay focused on their goals, and they will remember the Quran without hesitation.

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