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How do I start learning Quran?

For someone who does not speak Arabic, memorizing the Holy Quran can be difficult. To prepare for the task of memory, many people try to learn to let go of their ideas. Some people, on the other hand, persist in pursuing their own goals.


To reach the right goal, we need to have a lot of patience and courage. You will need a lot of dedication and careful planning to do this. .




Time is money, and reading the Quran takes time. As a result, the best way to use your time effectively is to speed up your reading. You do not have to worry as we are here to help you by leading you through a few simple learning steps that will make the process easier for you.




1.1 Register in the appropriate class.




Enrolling in the classroom is the first and most important step. For people who are too busy to read the Quran in person, reading the Quran online may be beneficial. It may be difficult to read the Quran without a teacher.




1.2 Organize Your Thoughts




By eliminating stress, clearing your mind can help you sleep better, have more productive rest after work, more focus, and be more creative. Before you start reading the Quran, clear your mind of any unnecessary stress or thoughts. At any time, the mind can think of only one thing.




1.3 Create a learning environment




According to research, learning environments have a significant impact on student achievement. It has been proven that students studying in a good learning environment are enthusiastic, engaging, and knowledgeable in general. When going to classes, be sure to sit in a quiet place to avoid distractions. It will make it easier for you to focus on the Quran.




1.4 Handwritten Notes




Comprehension and memory are aided by writing down information. Writing good grades in class is essential to academic success. Taking notes with enthusiasm throughout the class can help you to focus and understand important concepts. Taking good notes will help with busy listening, comprehension and memory. Therefore, in order to read the Quran, one should pay attention to the teacher during class.




1.5 Ask questions and look your teacher in the eye.




However, we need to listen twice when speaking. However, speaking and asking questions are essential aspects of effective learning. As a result, in order to better understand your lectures, you should not only pay attention to your teacher but also contact him and ask all the questions and questions that come to mind.




1.6 Reading Requires Short Time




Reading for short sessions has been shown to be much higher than for long lessons. A 30 to 60 minute session is recommended. To put it another way, while 30 minutes is the perfect minimum for absorbing enough information and storing it in memory, more than 60 minutes is considered too much information for your brain to process at once.

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