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How can I learn Quran?

The Holy Quran is a divine book and the word of Allah. The value of the Noble Quran is unmatched by any other book in the world. Apart from the depth of meaning contained in the verses of the Quran, the magnificent language of the Quran distinguishes it from all other books in the world, especially Arabic literature.

The Holy Quran is a book containing a complete code of life given to mankind by Allah Almighty. All aspects of life that one should know about are included in the Quran. All Muslims should get the Quran, which is the highest form of education in the world. We Muslims think that understanding the Holy Quran is the most important and vital knowledge that leads to salvation.


The Quran is important in Islam because it contains the complete moral code. Islam places great importance on knowledge, learning and education. The word “Iqra,” meaning “learning,” was the first word revealed in the Quran.


The Noble Quran is an amazing storehouse of knowledge and wisdom that will guide us until we breathe our last. That is why it is so important in Islam to read the Quran. The Holy Prophet cried out, “O people!” (PBUH). I have left you something that, if you keep it, will never mislead you: The Book of Allah and the Sunnah of His Prophet.


Remembering the Qur’an is a good deed with various benefits. Anyone can be a hafiz, but the sooner you start, the easier it will be and the better you will learn Quran. Studying the Quran is not a difficult task, but you need a lot of patience and good manners. Reading the Quran Start reading your new skill after the Fajr prayer. Because you will not be stressed, it is best to read it first in the morning. Learning the first thing in the morning allows you to resume your work before handing it to your teacher in the evening. You should also study in the evening to get ready for the next day’s study lesson.


The Quranic lesson should be memorized. You should also go back and study your previous studies, known as “manzil” or “dohr.” This usually refers to the last five to seven pages you have read. This is done to ensure that you do not forget your previous sabaq, as it is useless to continue if you forget everything else you have learned.


If you have not already done so, you should read the entire juz (part) of the Qur’an daily. This is similar to your manzil or dohr, yet you prepare the whole section rather than just a few pages. Some students choose to do it once a week because it is a time-consuming activity (for example, Friday).


It is not difficult to remember the Holy Book as long as these necessary procedures are followed.

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