5 problems with solution in online Quran classes

What are the most compelling reasons for your children to avoid online Quran classes? In this article, we discuss 5 problems with solution. Avoid these 5 problems that have been identified in online Quranic studies.

Although there are a few benefits to taking Quran lessons online, Due to the inability of children to focus on how to study their Quran lessons, there are a few challenges they face in all online Quran education. If we take steps to avoid these problems, we will see amazing results with 100 percent certainty.

5 Problems with solutions

Student attention and dedication are the most important aspects of live education. There are a few distractions or distractions that divert the student’s attention from the Quranic command. During online Quran lessons, these are the challenges that scholars and students face. You do not need to worry! With the support of parents and children, we will also come up with solutions to these problems. Let’s take a look, right?

1. Invalid internet connection

During Live Quran studies, poor internet connection may cause frequent disconnections, which may result in temporary suspension. Disruption may cause students to lose focus on their online study of the Quran. Additionally, they may not be able to grasp the key aspects of the lesson. Therefore, these types of online Quran lectures tend to have younger readers.


To ensure seamless communication and effectiveness during Live Quran online lessons, parents should ensure that their children have a very fast internet connection.

2. Have fun in class playing with toys.

Playing with classmates is fun for kids, and they also enjoy playing with their toys. As a result, teens keep their toys close to them when they take Quran times online. This, however, is not a good idea as students’ attention may be diverted from their electronic devices while listening to the teachings of the Quran. As a result, children are not able to concentrate on their Quranic teachings while online.

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Find out if your kids’ toys are out of place where they do online Quran programs. You should also make sure that players do not play with their toys while listening to the Qur’anic teacher or discussing what they have learned from the Quran recitation.

3. Food Consumption

Some youths like to eat. Students often eat or chew a variety of foods, fried, chewing gum, and more. However, this is not advisable because eating may interfere with students’ concentration and prevent them from memorizing Arabic letters directly. Because Arabic Tajweed sounds and letters are very important and children may not get the benefits of tajweed. So, eating food while reading Quran online is not recommended.


Ask their children to get snacks and complete their meals before starting the Live Quran lesson. Also, avoid anything fun in the classroom.

4. Get out of the way if you don’t want to be bullied.

Kids love to jump from one place to another. That is why they will be leaving their place to attend an online Quran class. As a result, people may miss out on a critical lesson because of organizational conflicts.


Parents need to know the needs of their children. They have not finished all their classes. Parents should ensure that their children sit in front of a computer during an online Quran session before signing up for an online Quran Academy.

5. Watching TV

The fact that young people continue to watch television during the Quran class is also troubling. The background sound from the TV screen distracts students’ attention and annoys the Quran teacher.


While your children getting online Quran education, you should turn off the television. In addition, the television should not be placed in a room where teens attend Quran times live.

Final thoughts

Our goal is to bring parental attention to specific concerns that occur during a live Quran session so that they do not become a problem. If you can control your anxiety, we can assure you that your children will learn to read Quran online quickly and easily.

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